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Fitzwilliam & Hughes are proud to Introduce our new Coffee by Forge.


“Our coffee is hand crafted in Sheffield,

England’s "City of Steel", which men of

foresight, diligence and enterprise have made


We have worked closely with our local Forge Coffee Roaster, picking from the best blends to the highest rated single origins in the world to bring you the best cup of coffee. Each & every bean we use is roasted to the highest quality right here in Sheffield. A partnership with the great Forge coffee roasters has provided us with their premium Ruskin blend. A Medium blend from Columbia, Guatemala & Honduras.


Our beans are delivered to us weekly, so we can deliver the freshest quality in every cup. Come in and try it for yourself, our knowledgeable Baristas will find the cup for you. Perfectly at home in Flatwhites and Cortados. Milk promotes the smooth, silky and sweet body. A vibrant juicy mouthfeel as espresso and black, with heaps of body leaving you craving more.


Whether you're vegan or not, we also have alternative milks so that we can cater for everyone!



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